20 Unblocked Games for School to Fix Your Classroom Boredom (2024)

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Co-authored byLuigi Oppidoand Hannah Dillon

Last Updated: July 8, 2024Fact Checked

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Are you trying to find unblocked games for your school device? If you've got some downtime in class or you want to have a little fun on your school computer or tablet, you may want to play a game—but many games are blocked by schools. Thankfully, there are several websites dedicated to hosting a ton of fun games to play on your school device, and in this article we list 20 of the best unblocked games for you to play at school.

Playing Games at School

There are a ton of browser games that you can play at school, but depending on your school, some of the sites might be blocked. However, many game sites have a lot of games on them, so if you find one that works you can use it to play the other games it has to offer.


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  1. 1

    Chess. Chess is a classic game, plus it's a great way to practice logic and keep your mind busy. While your school might have Chess.com blocked, there are a lot of Chess.com clones that you can try. To play chess, try one of these links:

  2. 2

    Run 3. Run 3 is a fun, fast-paced obstacle course game that can keep you from getting too bored during study hall or recess. To play Run 3, try one of these links:


  3. 3

    3D Tetris. Original Tetris is fun, but if you want to take it to the next level, try 3D Tetris. In 3D Tetris, you have to move your pieces in three directions to stack them up. To play 3D Tetris, try one of these links:

  4. 4

    Checkers. Like chess, checkers is another classic game that can help you flex your logical muscles and stay busy for hours. To play checkers, try one of these links:

  5. 5

    Cut the Rope. Cut the Rope is a popular puzzle game. In this game, you must cut the rope to feed a piece of candy to a cute monster, and the levels get harder the higher up you get. To play Cut the Rope, try one of these links:

  6. 6

    The Chrome Dino Game. When Google Chrome can't connect to the internet, it lets you play a fun endless runner game with a dinosaur, and there are a few replicas of this game online that you can play. To play the Chrome Dino Game, try one of these links:

  7. 7

    Winterbells. Winterbells is a vertical platforming game where you play as a rabbit jumping on bells. The higher you go, the harder the game gets. To play Winterbells, try one of these links:

  8. 8

    Snake. Snake is a classic game where you try to make your snake longer and longer without running into your own tail. To play Snake, try one of these links:

  9. 9

    Agar.io. Agar.io is a game where you try to get your circle the biggest by eating smaller circles. While your school might have agar.io blocked, there are a few clones that you can try. To play agar.io, try one of these links:

  10. 10

    Cookie Clicker. Cookie Clicker is exactly what it sounds like: a clicker game where you make cookies. Despite the simple gameplay it's a fun and addicting game to play. To play Cookie Clicker, try one of these links:

  11. 11

    Moto X3M. Moto X3M is a motocross racing and obstacle course game. It's fun and fast-paced, and gets harder the farther you get in the game. To play Moto X3M, try one of these links:

  12. 12

    Papa's Pizzeria. Papa's Pizzeria is a management sim game where you work at a pizza shop. It's a fun game where you take orders, make pizzas, and serve them to the right customers. To play Papa's Pizzeria, try one of these links:

  13. 13

    Frogger. Frogger is a retro game where you play as a frog trying to cross a busy street. The more levels you play, the harder the game gets, and the challenge is sure to keep you from getting bored at school. To play Frogger, try one of these links:

  14. 14

    Monkey Mart. Monkey Mart is a cute management game where you play as a monkey who runs a supermarket. As you progress through the game you'll unlock more and more things to sell in the monkey's store. To play Monkey Mart, try one of these links:

  15. 15

    Snow Rider 3D. Snow Rider 3D is an obstacle course game where you control a sled going down a snowy mountain. If you like games like Run 3 or MotoX3M, give Snow Rider 3D a try. To play Snow Rider 3D, try one of these links:

  16. 16

    The Impossible Quiz. While doing a quiz at school might not sound fun, this quiz is nothing like what you do in class. The Impossible Quiz will have you thinking outside of the box to try and figure out the answers. To play The Impossible Quiz, try one of these links:

  17. 17

    Mr. Mine. Mr. Mine is an idle mining simulator game, which means you can play this game while you're also doing classwork. The farther you get in the game, you'll find rarer materials. There's also a number of fun quests to complete. To play Mr. Mine, try one of these links:

  18. 18

    Core-ball. Core-ball is a game that's easy to understand but hard to master. All you have to do is throw balls at the core ball without hitting the other balls attached to the core. To play core-ball, try one of these links:

  19. 19

    Smash Karts. Smash Karts is like a racing game and a battle arena game combined into one. It's a fun and fast-paced game where you unlock more items with each level you get. To play Smash Karts, try one of these links:

  20. 20

    Crossy Road. Crossy Road is similar to Frogger, but the goal of the game is to travel as far as you can without getting hit by a car. Plus, there's a bunch of fun characters to collect as you play the game. To play Crossy Road, try one of these links:

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      • Depending on your school, some of these links might be blocked. Keep trying until you find a site that isn't blocked, and check it for other games to play.[1]


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      • Only play games on your school device when your teacher isn't giving instruction, or when you're done with your homework. If you're not paying attention during class, you may get in trouble.


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      20 Unblocked Games for School to Fix Your Classroom Boredom (2024)


      Are unblocked games illegal? ›

      No, visiting unblocked games websites is generally not illegal. These websites themselves typically host games that are freely available online. However, it's important to remember why the games are blocked at school or workplace. Focusing on school/work is the priority, and these sites can be distracting.

      Is Classroom 6x safe? ›

      Is Unblocked Games Classroom 6x Safe? In general, Unblocked Games 6X is regarded as safe to use.

      How do I unblock a game I blocked at school? ›

      A VPN is a simple and reliable tool that hides your IP address and unblocks any censored games online. An IP address is similar to a postal address in that it identifies your computer or mobile devices and represents your virtual location online.

      How to play blocked games on school chromebook 2024? ›

      A Virtual Private Network Changes your IP address so, A VPN is a useful tool for unblock games in chromebooks. The VPN gets you access to virtually blocked games in chromebooks. In other words when you use a VPN on your chromebook, you can easily access the games.

      Is unblocked games WTF safe? ›

      Using Unblocked Games, WTF is secure. The website is safe for any device because it doesn't require downloading plugins or applications. It's crucial to remember that the website's games can be harmful to young children due to their violent or graphic material.

      Are street games illegal? ›

      California Penal Code § 330 PC prohibits gambling (also called gaming) by the use of a “banking or percentage game.” That said, it is still lawful in California to play social poker games and other games of chance, skill, and strategy involving individual bets.

      Can students under 13 use Google Classroom? ›

      Important: Children aged 13 and under should only use Classroom with a Google Workspace for Education or Workspace for Nonprofits account. A Google Workspace account is typically used in large organizations that run Workspace Basic, Business, Google Workspace for Education Plus, or Workspace for Nonprofits.

      Is Google Classroom good or bad? ›

      Google Classroom is great as a supplement to in-person learning but it is woefully inefficient and subpar for hybrid or all distance learning/teaching. It creates more work for students and teachers alike. It's confusing and clunky.

      Can Google Classroom see you? ›

      If you post, comment, or reply while you visit a class: Workspace admins, teachers, and co-teachers can view your name, photo, and email address both during and after your visit. Students in the class can view your name and photo both during and after your visit.

      How do I unblock Roblox? ›

      How to Unblock a User
      1. Login to your account.
      2. Go to account settings. Browser - the gear-icon located at the upper-right corner of the site. Mobile Apps - the three dots icon for More.
      3. Select the Privacy tab.
      4. Show Blocked users at the bottom of the screen.
      5. Select Unblock next to the player name.
      6. Select Save.

      What unblocked games aren t blocked? ›

      TOP 10 Game Sites That Are Not Blocked by Schools
      • HoodaMath. hoodamath.com. ...
      • Armorgames.com. Armorgames.com. ...
      • Subway Surfers. app2top.com. ...
      • Unblocked Games Pod. unblockedgamespod.com. ...
      • Unblocked Games 66. sites.google.com/site/bestunblockedgames66/unblocked-games-66. ...
      • PriamaryGames. ...
      • Unblocked Games 77. ...
      • Unblocked Games 24h.

      Why do schools block unblocked games? ›

      Schools restrict access to gaming sites and other entertainment content in an effort to prevent distractions and keep students focused on schoolwork. However, unblocked games provide a way for students to sneak in game time during school hours.

      How to powerwash a Chromebook? ›

      Factory reset your Chromebook
      1. Sign out of your Chromebook.
      2. Press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r.
      3. Select Restart.
      4. In the box that appears, select Powerwash. Continue.
      5. Follow the steps that appear and sign in with your Google Account. ...
      6. Once you've reset your Chromebook:

      How do you get Roblox on blocked school on Chromebook? ›

      Open the VPN app, sign in to your account (if applicable), and set up a connection. Return to the Play Store and find the Roblox app. With your VPN now set up, your Chromebook should no longer prevent you from downloading and playing Roblox. Open the Roblox app and sign in to your account.

      Are unblocked websites illegal? ›

      Whether or not it's legal to unblock websites depends on what country you're in, among other factors. Authoritarian countries like China and Russia ban certain websites, so unblocking them is illegal.

      Is it illegal to get games for free? ›

      If you don't have permission from the owner, downloading music, games, movies or TV shows for free that you would normally pay for can break the law – it is illegal downloading.

      Is downloading discontinued games illegal? ›

      In some cases, the games may be considered abandonware and the copyright holder may have given up their rights to the game. However, in other cases, the copyright holder may still own the rights to the game and downloading it could be considered piracy.


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