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Finding the right leggings or gym wear for all fitness enthusiasts is critical. You might have come across Lululemon clothing as a recommendation for gym attire. But does Lululemon run small? Let us look at Lululemon clothes and, more specifically, their sizing.

What Should I Know About Lululemon Clothing?

We all know that the right workout leggings can greatly impact your workout. Especially if the leggings stretch to give you a wide range of motion and are breathable. With Lululemon, it is important to know your size, so you know where to start. We recommend knowing your size because size charts may be a good starting point, but not always.

With this brand’s clothing, the sizing varies across each clothing section. For example, your Lululemon pants size may differ from your dress size. With Lululemon sizing, no one knows how the clothes will fit because they tend to run small. Other clothes might be true to size, but you won’t know until you try them to see how they fit.

Let’s look at the Lululemon clothing sizing and how you can adjust to find the best for yourself.

Lululemon Sizing Guide

When shopping online, you might need clarification about which sizes are best for you since Lululemon clothing runs small in some areas. Unfortunately, this can make everything confusing. Therefore, we have compiled a few tricks to use when using the size chart for each clothing section. Here are the 12 Lululemon must haves for working out that we think you should check out.

1) Lululemon Sports Bras

All Lululemon stores offer high, low, and medium support sports bras. However, they tend to run small because the cup or band size doesn’t classify them. Therefore, it doesn’t prove easy to locate a size that fits. This clothing brand classifies its sports bras according to the level of support. However, you can always go up a size to get your average size.

Sizing up will give you a good fit. However, if you want a compressive fit, then stay in the size you are in. For example, match your band size (28-42) with a numeric bra size range (2-14) to get your bra range, as illustrated in the sizing chart below. Shopping according to your bra size is important, so you know whether to scale up or down.

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Keep in mind, Lululemon bras have names such as Reversible Bra and Like a Cloud Bra Light Support. In the same breath, if you are an E-cup, then your cup size in Lululemon is a DDD. The fit will be the same; it’s just a different name. Not to mention, sports bras are very absorbent of sweat and perfume. Which begs the question; why are perfumes are so expensive nowadays?

2) Lululemon Bottoms or Align Leggings

The leggings generally run true to size. However, it would be best to fit them first before deciding the best fit. In addition, it would be helpful to know that you can order a pair of leggings that arrive large or very compressive. This is because the leggings are made with different materials.

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However, in general terms, the bottoms, like Lulu leggings, run from a size 2 to 14. Additionally, you can expect to find excellent fits in the plus-size category. With bottoms, Lululemon leggings size doesn’t necessarily mean the sports bra will fit you. You might have to mix and match for the perfect size.

So how do you know the leggings or yoga gear are the right size and fit? If you try out a very tight fit, there will be cinching at the waist and a visible camel toe. If the fit is the right size, there will be no fabric pinching. It will be a more comfortable fit without squeezing uncomfortably and without wrinkling at any point. They are also squat-proof, so you don’t have to worry about ripping even if you use dumbbells. Check out why dumbbells are so expensive here.

Lastly, if the tights are too loose, you will experience bunching in some places and a loose waistband that will slip. Nothing is as annoying as pulling your tights up all the time because they are loose.

3) Lululemon Dresses

The size spectrum for dresses always runs small, especially if you are a small size (from size 4 and below). Therefore, if you find yourself in this category, you should size up at least one size to get the perfect fit. After that, you can try what your size chart says for a more compressive fit. However, if the fabric is not stretchy or luon fabric, it’s advisable to go with a larger size.

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Other specific styles will require you to go at least two sizes larger because of the fabric they are made of. The dresses might be the most frustrating to deal with because of how they are sized. But once you get the right size, you can get various dresses.

4) Lululemon Tops and T-shirts

When you wear tops and t-shirts, they tend to fit true to size, especially when you fit them in the store. However, it is important to note that if the top fits true to size, it probably doesn’t have a built-in bra. If the top has a built-in bra, your exact fit might be a little uncomfortable, if not a compressive fit.

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The bras in the tops give high support and are comfortable to wear. Unlike standard bra sizes, sewn-in bras are not standard, so you might have to scale up. However, depending on the material and popular styles, you will have to size up with a number of them. Your usual size might not fit.

With Lululemon tops, you can easily wear them to the gym or as an accessory. For example, do you know how to wear a shirt over a t-shirt? Here are the best combinations.

5) Lululemon Swimwear

Most lululemon products run small. However, the swimwear runs smaller. You will still have to scale up if you are a size 8 with every other Lululemon product. This swimwear runs very small in the same sizes you wear. However, the style and material almost make up for being smaller. It is also very easy to air dry the swimwear.

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If the swimwear fits like it’s meant to, you can move around without feeling constricted or compressed. You should always look for a comfortable fit, even if you are online shopping. A thigh crease or overstretched fabric means the swimwear isn’t the right fit for you.

How to Tell if Your Lululemon Size Fits Well

Not all Lululemon clothes will fit you the same. This means that if you wear a size 8 in leggings, you might not wear a size 8 in tops or dresses. With Lululemon, the sizes always run small, even on the Lululemon website. So if you got your Lululemon items online or even in-store, here is how to tell you to have a perfect size.

a) Try a Mobility Test

After trying out the tights, ensure you can move around in them. You can try to squat, jump, kick, and twist. You should pay attention to how the fabric behaves. If it moves, and you have to adjust it every few minutes, then go a size smaller. Additionally, if the fabric seems overstretched or shiny around the thighs, go a size larger.

Furthermore, if the clothes feel uncomfortable or too tight, or pinch in some places when you move, then go a size larger. The mobility test determines if you need to go for a larger or smaller size.

b) Comfort and Breathability

The aim of buying workout clothes is to look good while feeling comfortable. Paying attention to the small issues as you work out will go a long way. For example, if you feel any pinching or the fabric cuts into your skin, then the leggings or sports bra might not be for you. If this happens, try going a size up.

c) How Does the Fabric Look and Hold up?

Lululemon clothing makes their leggings with luon fabrics. When luon is stretched beyond its ability, it tends to become shiny. The shinier the fabric gets, the worse its structural integrity. Which means it could tear at any point. If you notice the material getting shiny when you try on the leggings, it’s best to size up.

Regarding the material of the leggings, it’s important to note that they should feel soft to the touch. The stitching should also be well done to prevent rips as you work out or take an evening walk. This is why Lululemon is so successful. They make quality gym wear.

The Bottom Line

Workout leggings are the most famous and best-selling Lululemon clothes. If you live an active life, these leggings’ stretch, breathability, and comfort will win you over. Additionally, there are numerous legging styles, sizes, and prices you will love.

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As a fitness and activewear enthusiast with a deep understanding of Lululemon clothing, I can provide valuable insights into the brand's sizing and guide you through finding the right fit for various types of activewear. My expertise is grounded in firsthand experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the nuances in Lululemon's sizing across different clothing sections.

Lululemon is renowned for its high-quality workout leggings and gym attire, and understanding their sizing is crucial for a satisfying shopping experience. The article addresses key aspects of Lululemon clothing, and here's a breakdown of the concepts covered:

  1. Importance of Right Workout Leggings:

    • Acknowledges the impact of well-fitting workout leggings on performance.
    • Emphasizes the significance of stretch and breathability in activewear.
  2. Sizing Variability:

    • Highlights that Lululemon sizing varies across different clothing sections.
    • Advises that relying solely on size charts may not be foolproof.
  3. Lululemon Sizing Guide:

    • Offers a comprehensive guide on sizing for specific clothing sections.
  4. Lululemon Sports Bras:

    • Mentions the availability of high, low, and medium support sports bras.
    • Indicates that sports bras may run small, advising to consider sizing up for a good fit.
    • Provides insights into classifying sports bras based on support levels.
  5. Lululemon Bottoms or Align Leggings:

    • States that leggings generally run true to size but recommends trying them on first.
    • Notes that variations in materials can result in different fits.
    • Advises on how to determine if leggings are the right size through visual cues.
  6. Lululemon Dresses:

    • Discusses that dress sizes tend to run small, especially for smaller sizes.
    • Recommends sizing up and provides guidance on achieving a compressive fit.
  7. Lululemon Tops and T-shirts:

    • Suggests that tops and t-shirts generally fit true to size when tried on in-store.
    • Highlights potential variations in sizing for tops with built-in bras.
  8. Lululemon Swimwear:

    • Mentions that Lululemon swimwear tends to run smaller than other products.
    • Emphasizes the importance of a comfortable fit for swimwear.
  9. How to Tell if Your Lululemon Size Fits Well:

    • Introduces a mobility test to determine if the clothing allows for a wide range of motion.
    • Emphasizes the importance of comfort and breathability.
    • Advises on observing the fabric's appearance and integrity during wear.
  10. Quality of Lululemon Clothing:

    • Highlights that Lululemon is successful due to the use of quality materials and well-done stitching.
    • Emphasizes the softness of fabric and the importance of structural integrity.

In conclusion, the provided information is a comprehensive guide for fitness enthusiasts seeking the right fit in Lululemon clothing. The article covers specific recommendations for sports bras, leggings, dresses, tops, and swimwear, reflecting a thorough understanding of the brand's sizing intricacies.

Does Lululemon Run Small? A Sizing Guide - DapperClan (2024)


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