How to Make a Money Bouquet - Five Bags of Gold (2024)

Gifting cash is sometimes the best way to go, but you’ll want to do it in a fun and unique way. You may be wondering how to make a money bouquet to give as a present.

We previously wrote the article “How to Make a Money Lei,” which is a great option for graduation gift giving.

A simple money bouquet, however, is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and good report card rewards, as well as graduations.

What Do I Need to Make a Money Bouquet?

You can put virtually anything in your money bouquet, but here is a list of Money Bouquet DIY Materials that are standard for most bouquets.

  • Bills in the denomination of your choosing
  • Fresh or fake flowers
  • Fresh or fake greenery
  • Wooden skewers
  • Tape
  • Vase or floral foam
  • Tissue paper
  • Ribbon

How Do You Make a Floral Arrangement With Money?

Once you’ve gathered all of your money bouquet DIY materials, you can begin making and assembling your floral arrangement.

Money Bouquet Instructions

Step 1: Start with fresh or fake flowers. While fresh is always best, there are people like me that have severe allergies and need fake floral arrangements.

Step 2: Set the flowers in a vase.

Step 3: Create money flowers by rolling the bills up into cones so that they have a point at one end. Tape the edges to hold their shape.

Step 4: Slide a wooden skewer down the center of each flower and then tape it at the base.

Step 5: Add the money flowers to the vase.

Step 6: Include some fresh or fake greenery. I love baby’s breath, but eucalyptus leaves, Brunia berries, Queen Anne’s lace and fern leaves are also nice for this project.

Step 7: Include any decorations that you feel will make the money bouquet special (see “How Do You Decorate a Money Bouquet” below for a few suggestions).

Step 8: Wrap a bow around the vase and it’s ready for gift giving.


If you don’t want to use a vase, you can insert the flower stems and the wooden skewers attached to the money flowers into a block of floral foam.

When you go this route, you’ll want to wrap around the floral foam with tissue paper and then tie a bow around it.

How Do You Decorate a Money Bouquet?

Once you have your basic make money bouquet created, you can add a few decorations to personalize the gift.

A few ideas include:

  • Add a pocket-size photo of the person or their pet
  • Add a pennant of the person’s favorite sports team
  • Spray glitter over the greenery
  • Attach a decorative brooch to the front of the ribbon
  • Add cake toppers – many of these will spell out the special occasion you’re celebrating
  • Add a few pieces of the individual’s favorite candy
  • Use the individual’s favorite colors when wrapping or adding ribbon

How Do You Fold Money Like a Rose?

How to Make a Money Bouquet - Five Bags of Gold (2)

A money bouquet with roses is quite beautiful to behold, but you may wish to make the roses out of dollar bills, rather than use the actual flower.

To do this, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Fold the bill in half both vertically and horizontally to create creases. Unfold.

Step 2. Fold all four sides into the center of the bill when it is placed horizontally before you. Unfold.

Step 3. Fold two of the edges in and then flip the bill to the other side.

Step 4. Fold the tip of the peak down to the center. Unfold.

Step 5. Flip the bill to the other side and fold the tip down again to the center. Unfold. This creates the base of your origami rose.

Step 6. Pop up the sides to create the center of your rose for the simple money bouquet.

Step 7. Curl the edges inward with a pair of scissors the same way you would a piece of ribbon for a Christmas gift.

Step 8. Pull the edges toward the top to form the shape of your rose.

Step 9. Repeat steps 1 through 7 with a new bill, but this time curl your edges outward.

Step 10. Repeat steps 1 through 7 with a third bill, curling the edges outward.

Step 11. Set the last two roses inside each other and then set those roses inside the first one.

Step 12. Place a thumbtack down through the center of the roses and attach it to the eraser end of a pencil to create a stem.

Step 13. Wrap the pencil with green gardening tape to create the illusion of a stem.

Step 14. Repeat all the steps until you have your desired number of roses.

Step 15. Set the roses in a small vase and then present the make money rose bouquet as a gift.

Money Bouquet Ideas

There are many many different money bouquet DIY ideas that you can use for inspiration in creating your simple money bouquet. Here are a few you might want to consider:

Candy Money Bouquet

How to Make a Money Bouquet - Five Bags of Gold (3)

A candy money bouquet is a great option for kids.

The easiest way to make this simple money bouquet is to start with a traditional floral bouquet and then slide cake pops or lollipops in among the flowers.

Afterward, roll up some dollar bills and tape them so that they stay rolled up.

Place the bills throughout the bouquet wherever you need filler.

Another idea is to wrap the dollar bills around the sticks of the candy pops or lollipops, so that they look like real flower stems.

Origami Money Flower Bouquet

Consider creating an origami money flower bouquet.

NProkuda Origami has an excellent tutorial (see below) on this that is super easy to follow. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a set of beautiful origami flowers made out of money.

You can then give the flowers a stem using wooden skewers or pencils and arrange them into a bouquet.

I like to wrap the bouquet in tissue paper and add a ribbon, but you can place them in a vase or even just skip the tissue paper and tie the stems together with ribbon.

How Do You Make a Homemade Money Tree

While a money tree is a real plant, you can also create a homemade money tree using dollar bills.

I love this design byLalubanamarta. It uses peony seeds and pyrite stones and is quite attractive.

You can easily start with your own base and then fan out the dollar bills like you see here in the picture. Add a decorative piece in the center of each fan and you’re good to go!

How to Make a Money Bouquet - Five Bags of Gold (4)

Buy Money Bouquet

There’s also the option to buy a money bouquet if you don’t feel that you have the time needed to create your own.

I’ve found the best money bouquet with roses, as well as simple money bouquet pieces are on Etsy. Check out these money bouquet images – simply gorgeous!

1. This money bouquet with roses is both simple and elegant and looks great on top of a gift.

2. Go with this money bouquet for graduation gifts. Love the butterflies and the “Congrats Grad” topper.

How to Make a Money Bouquet - Five Bags of Gold (6)

3. Ihadn’t even thought about a simple money bouquet for a baby shower, but this option is adorable!

How to Make a Money Bouquet - Five Bags of Gold (7)

4. If you’re looking for make money bouquet flowers that works for all occasions, this is my favorite pick! I love how the money is wrapped around each flower.

How to Make a Money Bouquet - Five Bags of Gold (8)

5. How to make a money bouquet? Grab this bouquet with gift box and add your own bills. Super Simple!

How to Make a Money Bouquet - Five Bags of Gold (9)

How to Make a Money Bouquet Conclusion

When it comes to creating a money bouquet, you can go simple or complex. There are so many options.

I prefer to start with a small bouquet of flowers and then add my money flowers and other decorations, but you can certainly create the entire bouquet out of money by making your own origami flowers.

The important thing is that you keep the individual you are making the money floral arrangement for in mind during the creation process.

Consider what colors and decorations the person may enjoy.

There’s also no right or wrong amount of money to use in your money bouquet. Igive children less than adults, but Ialso gift more for graduations and weddings than birthdays.

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Have you created a money bouquet for someone special? If so, share your tips with us below!

How to Make a Money Bouquet - Five Bags of Gold (2024)


What materials are used to make a money bouquet? ›

You'll need cash bills, floral wire, tape, decorative elements, and possibly artificial or fresh flowers for a floral touch. Can I make a money bouquet with flowers? Absolutely! Incorporating flowers adds a personalized touch to your money bouquet, creating a harmonious blend of elegance and practicality.

How to make a bouquet? ›

Choose two to four flowers to use as your focal point or base of your bouquet. Build onto the bouquet by adding more flowers around your base flowers. Do this by continuously turning the bouquet and adding stems until your arrangement is at your desired size.

How many pieces are in a bouquet? ›

How Many Flowers Do I Need to Make a Bouquet?
ArrangementStem Count for Small ArrangementStem Count for Large Arrangement
Mixed Bouquet (Focal Flower, Secondary Flower, Filler, and Greens)10 Stems25-30 Stems
Peony Bouquet3-4 Stems10-12 Stems
Garden Rose Bouquet3-4 Stems10-12 Stems
Hydrangea Bouquet2-3 Stems6-8 Stems
2 more rows

How many flowers should be in a bouquet? ›

Smaller bouquets only need a handful of flowers, while more elaborate styles will require more blooms. For flowers that are between 2.5”- 3.5” in diameter, like roses, dahlias, or peonies, we recommend using at least 25 stems for a 9” bouquet and at least 35 stems for an 11” bouquet and add some greenery leaves.

How do you calculate bouquet price? ›

Price = wholesale product cost x 3 + your time to make it

'Wholesale product cost' includes the cost of sundries (ribbon/wrapping) but excludes any sales tax you paid on those items. 'Time' is the hourly rate you would charge your services out at (usually x 2.5-3 of wages paid). Delivery extra.

How do you make a classic bouquet? ›

As you put together stems in your hands, start with a base and then add in larger, focal flowers. Then, continue to add smaller flowers and greenery, balancing the design as you build. Once you've constructed a bouquet you love, snip the stems to trim them back and wrap the entire bouquet with a rubber band.

Is it cheaper to make your own bouquet? ›

On average, you can save between 50 and 60% with making your wedding flowers versus having them done.

What wrapper is used for bouquet? ›

Cellophane(Waterproof material)

One of the main functions of cellophane, which is used in almost all bouquets, is to act as a waterproof layer (water reservoir), wrapping the base of the bouquet so that it can be filled with a small amount of water to keep it fresh.

How big should a bouquet wrap be? ›

6x6: my “average” bouquet wrap size… works best for wooden or artificial flowers, and average sized bridal bouquets made by your florist! 8x6: works best with “oversized” bouquets that contain larger stems, lots of greenery, etc.

How many yards of ribbon do I need to wrap a bouquet? ›

HOW MUCH RIBBON DO I NEED FOR MY BOUQUETS? We suggest 2.5 yards for every bridesmaid bouquet and a full 5 yard ribbon bundle, sometimes even 2 full bundles for a total of 10 yards, for the bridal bouquet.

What flower makes the most money? ›

According to seasoned flower growing pros, the best flower choices to ensure profits include:
  • Ageratum. Clusters of long-lasting flowers in red, white, and blue add color to bouquets. ...
  • Scabiosa. ...
  • Larkspur. ...
  • Snapdragon. ...
  • Peony. ...
  • Zinnias. ...
  • Sunflowers. ...
  • Verbena bonariensis.

How much money can you make selling cut flowers? ›

While flower farmers across the US are reporting average sales of $25,000 to $30,000 per acre, we know that this 100% depends on the type of market they're selling into, the region, and the skill set of the grower.

How many dollar bills does it take to make a flower? ›

How many dollars does it take to make this rose? You will need five (5) crisp U.S. dollar bills. They can be of any denomination.


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