Released - Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car (2024)

Hey all! I have begun creating a Generation 6 NASCAR Stock Car (2018 - Chevy Camaro).

The model is from 3d Autosports (link below) however since it was hollow in the front and rear, I decided to add in those parts (of the frame for now!) myself. It's my first time actually modeling so it's not too great, but it'll do.

NOTE: If you experience issues with the car being invisible except for the body and have the 2Fast Gen 6 Stock Car installed, update it and deep clean cache to fix a compatibility issue. If you don't have it installed, just deep clean cache.


Release 1.2 has arrived! This release adds a couple features, fixes more issues, and most importantly, it brings so many improvements and major adjustments to the JBeam!

- Added additional modification slot
- Added an additional modification having the license plate slot, just for the AgentY Global Values Tuning mod.

- Improved deformation a great amount
- Made the body easier to deform, it is less "bouncy"
- Decreased rollcage strength in the front and rear, to allow more deformation
- Adjusted body panel connections (especially in the rear) to improve part separation
- Strengthened hood flap tethers, now they will not fall off in every single crash.
- Adjusted tire grip levels (reduced it to realistic levels)
- Improved aerodynamics
- Reduced "self-correction" force when attempting to spin out, making it less difficult to spin out
- Reworked blowovers
- Made blowovers more realistic
- Blowovers do not require the extremely high downforce values anymore, contributing to the reduction of the "self-correction" force
- Adjusted engine values
- Reduced engine cooling strength
- Reduced power reduction strength of the restrictor plate at lower RPMs (to lower the chance of stalling)
- Slightly increased power reduction strength of the rectrictor plate at higher RPMs (reduced top speed)
- Slight suspension tweaks
- Front wheels are harder to break off/bend
- Rear suspension can start to break off
- Compressed many .DDS texture files, reducing the file size by ~23%
- Abolished the use of arrays in breakgroups, as suggested by AgentY
- Probably many more adjustments

Clear cache before using the new version!


Release 1.1! This release adds numerous features and fixes many issues, hope you enjoy!

- Added roof flaps, which behave realistically
- Added hood flaps, which also behave realistically

- Adjusted downforce and lift to make the car still susceptible to blowovers, but much easier to spin out, so not nearly as glued to the track!
- Adjusted deformation values on the front end, making it easier to damage.
- Edited side and roof deformation, the side is much less prone to crushing in and causing an unstable JBeam.
- Other JBeam fixes for stability.


The release is here! After 9 months of development and tons of work with other people, this mod has finally reached a stage that I'm happy with releasing it.

- Detailed and fairly realistic model
- Fully custom jbeam
- Decent textures
- Working digital dashboard
- Realistic engine and powertrain
- Realistic suspension and tuning
- Realistic setup configurations
- Many paint schemes to pick from
- Realistic crash model
- Right turn capabilities (shocking)

This mod is my first project ever for the BeamNG community, and certainly not my last! Stay tuned for more!

Release trailer:

Contains the base mod, an advanced configurations pack, and an IRL schemes pack! These separate packs will work with each other.



UPDATE - June 12th, 2021
All the panels are in-game, although the rear end and sides have yet to be redone. the material has been worked on, and now you can make a chrome car! It's fully colorable, with skin support yet to be done.

Next up:
- Windows (removable plastic panels)
- Undercarriage
- Interior
- Powertrain
- Engine / Engine bay
- Suspension

Stay tuned!

Current pics:
Released - Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car (1)
Released - Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car (2)
Released - Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car (3)

UPDATE - June 3rd, 2021

Although it's only been one day, I worked for nearly 8 hours straight to get more panels in-game. (Missing from this screenshot is the right door that I added in just after taking it)
Released - Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car (4)
Despite being quite stable, there's still plenty to go before it is fit enough to move on. I am still learning how to make good JBeam, and even today alone i have begun remaking the jbeam of a few of the rear components for realism and stability.

Model-wise, there's not too much to say other than that I split up the single body piece into the different panels I will be adding in. As well as this, I thickened the panels so the textures show from both sides.

That's all for this update! Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more!

ORIGINAL POST - June 2nd, 2021

Most of the rest of the model is already done (from what I downloaded) however theres plenty of tweaking to do.

Before (only frame):

Released - Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car (5)


Released - Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car (6)

The frame also has a fully custom JBeam in-game with the model appearing:
Released - Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car (7)
Released - Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car (8)
Released - Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car (9)

Only the frame is in the game right now, but the body is going to be put in here real soon.

The frame deforms somewhat well in normal collisions, though theres definitely a long way to go before it's fully good.

Anyways, thanks for reading my post! I'll certainly update y'all with more in the comments, updating this post, and also on my YouTube channel:



Me: Body, Frame, & Engine. @powiephenom: Rear Suspension, general help. BeamNG: Original Engine and Front Suspension JBeams, heavily modified.

Model: Original:, Me: Front & Rear of frame, Fuel Cell. Motorsport Games: Engine, Suspension, and Wheel components

Additional help:

@powiephenom for help with accuracy, models, JBeam tips, suspension help, trailer, and configurations. Big thanks!

(Discord usernames) COTAMcKee#6671, GTSR#7305, Kakert#9731, Mellz#3621, Paw#9270, Sticky™#1000, and TrooperA113#6980 - Tons of paint schemes and general help with this mod! Huge thanks!

@Myushi - Created the Realistic Paint scheme pack exclusively for this mod!

@raiiiu - Texture and material edits, multiple materials turned to PBR.

Released - Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car (2024)


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